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Monday, February 14, 2005

Happy Valentine's Day From The National Hockey League

Well, at least they're waiting at day, according to Eric at Off-Wing Opinion (whose coverage of the NHL labor problem has been outstanding). Waiting a day, that is, to announce that they are cancelling the season.

How kind of the NHL powers, not to ruin Valentine's Day for their loyal fans. Not to run a day of love, a day of good feeling, a day of hearty reflection for hockey fans, some of whom no doubt have made hockey a part of their married lives, either as fans or hockey parents or both. It was very kind of them to wait a day.

The players' union and the owners now need to realize that the type of war they are engaged in is the type where no one wins. If the players get their way, the league will go broke, and if the owners totally get their way, the players might well go elsewhere. Neither side wants to make the first move. Neither side wants to show any weakness.

Which is very fitting for the only major sport where fighting is actually part of the game. Which gives me an idea -- Bob Goodenow and Gary Bettman should drop the gloves and slug it out somewhere.

It's a fun thought on a fun day.


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