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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Everyone Probably Has One Of These In The Family

In case you were wondering where the NFL's last two-way player is (hint, he played for the Philadelphia Eagles) and for whom he rooted in the Super Bowl (you'd be surprised to say the least), click here.

Heroes can frequently disappoint, can't they? We know too much about them, and we hear what they say too much on topics about which they are not well informed. It's still hard for some guys to move on, even when they last took a snap over four decades ago. Read the whole thing and see what I mean.

I thought I would have Googled what I heard on the radio and come up with something amusing to shed light on the situation, but it's just sad all around. It's a shame he feels the way he does, and it's a shame that those feelings have had to become public. As with many people who make pronunciations, the pronunciations say many more volumes about the speaker than his subject matter.

One of this fellows former teammates had it right when he said, "Get over it."

But for someone who was one of the all-time greats, that is very hard to do.


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