Saturday, November 27, 2004

Remember the Tigers!

Princeton 3, Washington 1.

That's the University of Washington in Seattle, for those who might have had any inkling that the Tigers were playing Division III Washington University in St. Louis.

That's NCAA women's soccer, and that was the Elite 8 last night in the chilly weather at Princeton's Lourie-Love field, where the Tiger squad beat the visitors from the Pac-10 to make it to the NCAA's Final Four.

That is not a misprint.

The Final Four.

No athletic scholarships, no easy rides, no BCS-type of conference, no big recruiting budgets, no fancy places to play.

Nothing like that.

It's the Ivy League, remember?

But somehow, some way, the Tiger women earned their right to play today's UCLA-Ohio State winner in the Final Four next week in North Carolina.

It's the first time that an Ivy women's soccer team has made the NCAA Final Four.

And it's big news.

Because in a world where the North Carolinas of the world dominate, it does make you wonder how a school like Princeton, with more varsity-level sports than the next two or even three BCS-type schools combined (if you check out their websites, you'll see how few varsity programs some Division I-A football schools have), with only 4,500 or so undergraduates, got this done.

It's an amazing accomplishment, one to be savored on the beautiful central NJ campus for many years to come. A big win for the little guys, er, little women, as it were.

But why stop there?

U Dub, as they call it, will certainly remember these Tigers.

And perhaps the schools who meet the Princeton women in the Final Four will as well.

Carolina, here they come!


Dave said...

Hey, my alma mater (Wash U) got a mention!

As for women's soccer, I think it's precisely the sort of sport that Princeton should be good at. UNC is the extreme counterexample to fact that very few athletic departments put too much effort or money into women's soccer. Certainly more do now than ten years ago, but it's still a sport where any school with a few good players could make a splash. I doubt Princeton is really that much less-funded than an average D1 program.

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