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Saturday, November 20, 2004

But The NHL Is On Strike, Isn't It?

You thought that only this thing could happen in professional hockey, such as the time when then Boston Bruin Mike Milbury went up into the stands during a game, asked an annoying fan how much he paid for his ticket, told the fan he wasn't getting his money's worth, and proceeded to beat the fan on his head with the fan's shoe. But, of course, there is no NHL, at least right now, and the only fighting that's going on in that league is the Cold War between the head of the player's union, Bob Goodenow, and the league's commissioner, Gary Bettman.

So what has filled the void for frustrated NHL fans? NASCAR? There's no fighting there. College football? Well, outside of a few tunnel-oriented or pre-game skirmishes, the last of which, I believe, took place more than three years ago, there hasn't been any of the WWE-type of hijinks that attracts a solid core of NHL fans to hockey games. The NFL? About as programmed as the PGA, Nicolette Sheridan's antics notwithstanding. Professional boxing? Does it still exist in a meaningful way? Ultimate Fighting Championships? Those really aren't for the more genteel (self-styled, anyway), hockey fans.

But leave it to the National Basketball Association, of all places, to fill the void, with an ugly spectacle last night in Detroit that Ron Artest was in the middle of. Yes, the same Ron Artest who only a week ago said he needed more rest because his off-season efforts in producing a rap album had left him without the requisite energy to hoop for Rick Carlisle. Well, apparently Artest has found that energy, as he had enough of it to foul Ben Wallace hard late in last night's game between the Pacers and the Pistons (which the Pacers won).

Then the hockey game broke out. Players fought, things simmered a bit, Artest lay down on the scorer's table to rest, apparently, a fan threw a full cup of something that hit Artest, players went into the stands, Artest decked a fan, and the NBA is sorting the whole mess out.

Remember the NHL's glory days, before they cracked down on fighting. Brian "Bugsy" Watson, Bob "Battleship" Kelly (of St. Louis, as opposed to Bob "The Hound" Kelly of Philadelphia), and, of course, Dave "The Hammer" Schultz? Old-time hockey. The glory days of the Broad Street Bullies.

Well, now you can have Ron "The Don" Artest and Stephen "Action" Jackson, because those two were in the middle of it. No doubt, like almost every NHL fighter of memory, defending their team's (and teammates') honor. Of course, the NBA will take strong measures to make sure this type of thing doesn't happen again, for the suffering NHL fan, last night's NBA fracas offered a glimmer of hope that there is some form of entertainment out there for them.

For a night, at least, Ron Artest, the NHL fans thank you for bringing back old-time hockey.


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