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Monday, November 15, 2004

Pre-Season All-Ivies?

Not really, as the Ivies wouldn't do anything that organized to tout their prospects, except for holding a pre-season media poll. Not to worry, however, because the premier hoops publication in the Ivies, The Daily Pennsylvanian, fills the void.

Now, you could guess who two of the favorites are, but the DP, as it is known to its fans and detractors alike, gives you some other names as well. So click here and give it a read.

And when you do, you'll learn that the defending Player of the Year, as it were, Jason Forte of Brown, has been suspended indefinitely for conduct detrimental to the team. All is mum in Providence as to what that conduct was, and, naturally, the Ancient Eight is very much considerate of an undergraduate's right to privacy under Federal law.

And while Forte's loss to Brown is huge, I still don't think that even a season-long suspension of the star guard would have as much impact on the Ivy race as two factors facing Princeton -- the knee surgery for PF Andre Logan (he's due to return in about a month) and the decision by soph 4/5 Harrison Schaen to take the year off from school. Brown didn't figure to be in the hunt, at least on this blog, but Penn and Princeton should compete to the end for the title.

Still, the Ivies would be a lot less interesting to watch without Jason Forte.

Stay tuned, and, also, read the DP every now and then for Ivy hoop coverage.


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