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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Occam's Razor: Penn Picks Steve Donahue to Be Its Next Men's B-Ball Coach

He is a native of the Philadelphia area.

He was an assistant on some great Penn teams, working under the legendary Fran Dunphy.

He excelled at Cornell and took them to the Sweet 16. 

He cashed in, went to B.C., didn't fare all that well and lost his job. 

He worked the past year as a commentator, a coach in waiting.

All of that adds up to good criteria to be Penn's next coach. 

He knows the school and he won at a place without a basketball tradition.

The hope at Penn is that Donahue has a second Ivy act and the thinking has to be, "well, if he could do all that at Cornell, imagine what he might be able to do at Penn."

The simplest, most obvious solution for Penn might well prove to be the best one.

Jerome Allen was a great player and is a good guy; it just didn't work for him as Penn's coach.

Penn didn't overthink it this time, as it probably did after Fran Dunphy left University City for North Broad Street. 

And "not overthinking" is what the smart folks are supposed to do.


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