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Sunday, March 01, 2015

Daniel Orton disses Manny Pacquiao -- and gets booted out of the Philippines

Only in. . . Manila.

Journeyman big Daniel Orton, testimony to the fact that not everyone who goes and plays for John Calipari and leaves early has a scintillating career, was on a team in the Phillipine League up until last week, when he commented that boxer Manny Pacquiao didn't have a game.

That was akin to having say Wilson Valdez or John Mayberry, Jr. making fun of Michael Jordan's somewhat loopy swing when he played for Terry Francona and the Birmingham Barons of the Southern League.  Except that because this was the Philippines and the golden rule seems to apply (as in, "he who has the gold, rules"), the team that Orton was on jettisoned him quickly.


Not because he spoke the truth.

But because he dared to say that the emperor is naked.

So while Orton probably didn't take too many classes on the First Amendment or managerial courage in  Lexington, he also didn't take any in office politics.  Because apparently Rule #1 in the Philippines is that you don't publicly diss one of the wealthiest and best known citizens of the country where you are a guest and get a way with it.  It isn't Lexington, after all.

Orton was gracious in defeat, tweeting his goodbye as he now looks for a another destination sticker to put on an already fully piece of luggage for such a young man.

Apparently the Team Irkutsk in the Siberian Winter "D" League is looking for a few good men.


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