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Monday, March 17, 2014

Is There Still Time for Steve Mills to Get the Princeton Athletic Director's Job?

He has a great CV.

Played on teams for the Hall of Fame Coach Pete Carril.

Was a very good guard and second-team all-Ivy player as a senior, when Princeton beat Penn in a playoff to win the Ivy title.

Worked for the NBA for years.  Worked as an investment advisor.  Is in his second stint as the Knicks' GM.  (Okay so working for the Dolans might not be the best judgment call, but an NBA senior position is an NBA senior position, and the odds are more likely than not that the average NBA owner is somewhat of an egomaniac or lunatic.

Princeton AD Gary Walters is retiring.  Princeton's athletic teams have won more titles during the years of Walters' tenure than probably the next three Ivies combined.


a) is a great guy.
b) has a great pedigree.
c) has "operating" experience.
d) is a good Princeton alum.

He'd be a very good fit.

Hopefully, he's made his way into the pool.  A recent NY Daily News article reported that Phil Jackson, the patron saint of all things right with pro basketball and now the head of Knicks' basketball operations, doesn't want to work with Mills.  That's Phil's loss.

At any rate, Steve Mills would be a very good athletic director at Princeton.  Hopefully, he's interested.

And Princeton should be interested in him.


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