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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Hats off to Penn's Women's Basketball Team -- Ivy Champs.

The reason I'm sending the kudos is that despite being a diehard Princeton fan, the Penn women revealed a lot of character this year.  A friend, a Penn alum, touted their potential before the early-season game at the Palestra, when four-time defending champion Princeton romped by 31.  So much, I thought, for Penn's being any good.

Well, fast forward throughout the season, and both teams went into Tuesday night's contest tied for the Ivy lead.  Oh, I figured, given the early-season romp, the Tigers would romp at home because, well, they were the four-time defending champions and at home.

Penn won by 16.

On the road.

For the title.

Well played.

No, very well played.

Title, and NCAA berth, well earned.


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