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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

In Advance of the World Cup 2014, a Few Observations and Questions

1.  Who are the favorites?

2.  Can Spain repeat its magic (although it did not win the Olympics), or will Father Time demand that someone else take over?

3.  Can Brazil host the World Cup and then the Olympics without a hitch?

4.  Will the U.S. realize that until its best athletes a) play soccer and b) start for the major European teams, the best they can hope for is getting to the elimination round?

5.  Will France regroup after the horror show that they staged in South Africa?

6.  If there are questionable calls in games, will people attribute them to the organized crime magnate in Singapore who is alleged to have fixed matches in Serie A and elsewhere in Europe?

7.  Am I wrong to predict a Germany-Brazil final?

8.  The oddsmakers will predict a Brazil win, right?

9.  Can Belgium, with some serious talent, be a dark horse?  Can the Belgians make it to the semifinals?

10.  Will England try to pick its best players and not just its biggest names, some of whom are past their prime?

11.  Can the Dutch make another deep run, and, if so, can they play a bit cleaner than they did in 2010?

12.  Is there anyone else who I am missing, outside having not mentioned Italy and Portugal?

Food for thought.



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