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Saturday, August 31, 2013

American Stadium Namers Could Take a Page from the English Premiership League on Stadium Names, But Some of the "Jersey" Sponsors in the EPL are Cheesy

Citizens Bank Park?

Lincoln Financial Field?

AT&T Park?

Qualcomm Stadium?

Stamford Bridge.

Craven Cottage.

White Hart Lane.

Carrow Road.

Sorry, but I think it's more dramatic to have a big game at Stamford Bridge than bank-of-the-moment-with-kitschy-undignified-unmemorable-commercials stadium.  Just my opinion.

That said, American jerseys are much more dignified, because you never know who your jersey sponsor in English soccer might be.  First, many of the sponsors are not English, and, second, some are related to the gaming industry, which is not a particular favorite.  Manchester United, the gold standard in the sport, has moved from AIG to Aon in recent memory.  I just couldn't imagine that you would have Tide laundry detergent as the logo for the Boston Red Sox, or Wrigley Chewing Gum on the jersey for the Cubs, or some other commercial product say on the front of the New England Patriots jersey, be it Remington Shavers or McDonald's Hamburgers.  Of course, selling that space could be pretty lucrative, couldn't it?  You could imagine that the Yankees might be able to draw $100 million a year for the naming rights to the front of their jerseys.  And that, in turn, could put more in their coffers to buy better players, develop a better farm system, etc.

So, at Stamford Bridge you have a team that has "Samsung" emblazoned on their jerseys.  At Fenway Park, the closest to an English Premiership stadium name, you have the Boston Red Sox.  Not the PF Chang's team, or the Chevron team or the Brooks Brothers team.  I suppose that you cannot have it all, but there's something to be said for not having naming rights for the front of jerseys.


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