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Friday, May 03, 2013

What Happens When You Don't Move Your Stuff Out of Your Parents' House

Some keep it.

Some toss it.

Some bother you about it, and either give up and keep it or toss it.

Almost no one tries to auction it off.  I mean, I got a good grade on a history final once and the professor compared me to H.L. Mencken.  I doubt that's worth anything.  My notes are probably illegible anyway.  My mother once brought me a bag of old baseball hats that I had accumulated over the years.  She should have thrown all of them out.

That said. . . if "you" are Kobe Bryant, your mom will try to auction the stuff so that she can buy a more expensive house in Nevada than apparently you were willing to pay for.   You can read about it here.  

On the one hand, some of the stuff seem to be Kobe's.  On the other hand, some of it has sat in Pamela Bryant's house for a while.  I doubt there's a law similar to "escheat" laws, where unclaimed property goes to the state after a number of years.  Is there a law which says, "hey, if your kids don't pick up their stuff after X number of years, it's open season for parents?"  Or do parents argue, "Hey, it's in my house, possession is at least nine-tenths of the law, and I own it, so there's no argument from my kid?"

Perhaps CourtTV will televise the case.

After all, it's the only court any Laker will be playing on at this time of the year.


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