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Thursday, May 09, 2013

Succession Planning, Premiership Style

There's no secret to why Man U keeps on winning. 

They know what they want, and they go get it.

In this case, just a day after Sir Alex Ferguson told the world that he's retiring, they hired the man that everyone expected they would -- Everton's manager, David Moyes.  While Everton hasn't had the resources to be a perennial contender, Moyes has done the best he could with the rosters he's had. 

And that's been, well, pretty well.  So, to quote the lyrics of a famous Liverpudlian:  "Imagine. . .." 

Give Moyes the talent, the prognosticators believe, and Moyes will help guide Man U to a continued level of excellence.

Man U didn't announce Ferguson's retirement and keep the whole world guessing who they would hire.  They didn't announce his retirement without a specific plan of action in mind.  They knew who they wanted, and they got him.

With much less drama, say, than Chelsea and even Tottenham. 

Perhaps that's why Man U -- whoever owns them -- has been as successful as they've been.


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