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Monday, May 30, 2011

Sunday Musings

1. I wonder how Jayson Werth felt playing his old team today. He struck out late in the game with a few men on, when he had the chance to tie it. I'm sure that the Phillies' brass felt good about that. Could it be the case that during his time with the Nats Werth will find out just how long 7 years is?

2. My son traveled to DC for the game and texted that they were selling Nationals hats in Hebrew. I texted back telling him that Hebrew National is a brand of hot dog. It's good to have useful knowledge like that. It might make me more interesting at a cocktail party.

3. Who is the guy on the Jos. A. Bank clothing ads? I think that the government should deploy him to resolve any crisis. The man is very convincing.

4. Jim Tressel's resignation just confirms for me how messed up BCS football really is. It's like on the one hand there are rules, but on the other hand, you prevail when you figure out how to stretch them any way you can. Case in point were the stories about the schools that overrecruited on purpose, so as to deny rivals good players. Why isn't there any accountability on that front?

5. Watch out for Bill Tierney's University of Denver squad on the national lacrosse scene. Denver made the Division I Final Four and will return so long as Tierney is the coach. He'll be able to recruit because Denver's a great city and he's a legend.

6. Is anyone following the NHL playoffs? They're getting very little play in Philadelphia, which some consider to be a hockey town.

7. Is the news vacuum on the NFL talks a good thing or a bad thing?

Have a good week!


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