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Monday, May 23, 2011

Fred Wilpon Disses His Own Mets

Just when you thought that things couldn't get much worse for the Mets, their owner decided to speak publicly about some of his stars.

And he wasn't very nice, either. . . about Jose Reyes, Carlos Beltran, David Wright and even the entire team. No, he wasn't very nice at all.


At least Wright responded in a classy fashion, acknowledging Wilpon's struggles and refusing to engage in a public retort. Privately, of course, he might have texted his agent imploring him to "get me the heck out of here." That's what most normal employees would do when they lose a connection with the boss. And, yes, there would be tons of takers for Wright (at least Wilpon called him a "nice kid.").

Fred, what are you thinking? What are you on, or, what medicine have you neglected to take? Seriously, even the average Phillies' fan wouldn't wish the horror on Wilpon that he, his team and his family are enduring. That trauma has to take its toll, mentally and physically. And it's sad to see.

But even as accomplished a man as Fred Wilpon ought to know that leadership requires you to be positive in public and critical in private. Wilpon has done his team no good through being so candid in public about his disappointment in them. And I don't think that his players have spoken publicly about his shortcomings, because if they did, you could imagine Carlos Beltran saying, "Well, okay, I haven't had the career that the team thought I would have had when they signed me to a huge contract, but, then again, I wasn't stupid enough to invest with an old friend who spoke a financial dialect I didn't understand -- and English is my second language and I didn't go to college -- and whose firm was audited by Larry, Curly and Moe, and I still have my money and can live like a king in my home country while the Wilpons might be eating spam for breakfast soon, but I'm not going to say that." Instead, the Mets' players pretty much have been mute on the subject.

Can things get any worse for the Mets?

What a mess -- for everyone!


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