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Friday, July 30, 2010

Finding a Travel Softball Team for One's Daughter

Just wanted to see if anyone out there has had experience with this.

My daughter had a good year last year in her first year of travel ball. Local associations, though, tend to change from year to year, in terms of how many teams they'll sponsor at different age groups, who will coach them, who the association deems will be on them, who gets elevated because they played on a younger age group's team (whether they've improved or not) and what level the team will play at. I'm dealing with this now, am somewhat clueless as to the politics and how hard to make connections (as opposed to have my daughter simply show up at tryouts), and sincerely can say I have a coachable, earnest, even-keeled, competitive kid who knows what she needs to do to improve, has shown to be good at making contact, good defensively with a strong arm. Atop that, she has two low-maintenance parents, who accept that all competitive sports leagues are less than perfect, who support their daughter's efforts because their daughter truly loves the game, and who hope to have their daughter play in a situation where the kids are supportive, friendly and love the game.



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