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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Is Captain Fantastic Headed to Barcelona?

Arsenal fans have to be hoping that premier midfielder Cesc Fabregas won't be headed back to Spain any time soon. (As will my son, who has a road Arsenal jersey with Fabregas's name and number on it!).

But transfers happen all over European soccer, and if Barcelona is willing to offer a huge transfer fee, the Gunners might take it and use the money to fortify their team in other ways. Gunner fans haven't seen a title in several years, and they have to be hoping that Arsene Wenger and the owners are coming up with a way to crack Manchester United's and Chelsea's hold on the first two spots in the Premiership.

Watch Spain in the World Cup if you can. As to how good they are -- Fabregas is a back-up at midfielder. He's a starter on every other team in the world, and a star on most of them. That's how good Xavi and Iniesta are, and that's how deep Spain is.


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