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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Redskins an Old Age Home for the Eagles?

Brian Westbrook will visit the Redskins.

Yes, the same team that already has 3 aging running backs.

Yes, the team with Donovan McNabb.

What makes the report amusing is that unless I'm missing something, Westbrook's brother, Byron, played for the 'skins last year. Why is that significant? Because Chris Mortensen's report suggests that Donovan McNabb was the lure. And that's interesting, because there also were rumors that McNabb was lobbying for Terrell Owens.

Who's next?

James Thrash?

Freddie Mitchell?

Hugh Douglas?

Westbrook was a warrior in Philadelphia, but he's pretty nicked up and has a recent history of concussions. Andy Reid wouldn't have let him go if he still thought that Westbrook had enough juice in the tank to contribute. Sure, people wax romantic about Brian Dawkins and what a stupid decision it was for Reid to let him go, but the truth was that Dawkins was at least a step too slow two years ago and arrived late more often than not. Yes, the Eagles missed his leadership, and yes, he drew mention on some all-pro rosters. But that mention derived more from sentiment than outstanding play.

I hope that Brian Westbrook can have a last hurrah or two in the NFL. He deserves one more cameo.


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