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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Phillies Will Play on the Road at Home

That's not a misprint. Because of the G20 Summit that draws radical protestors to it the way a Star Trek convention draws nerds, Major League Baseball has decided to move the Blue Jays-Phillies' series to Philadelphia (it's scheduled for June 25-27).

Bummer for Jays' fans, who don't have a ton to cheer about and who would have looked forward to a) the return of Roy Halladay and b) the drawing card that the Phillies are. Instead, the Jays will be the home team in Philadelphia, wear their white home uniforms and bat last. Yes, there will be a DH.

Make no mistake, though. There will be 45,000 fans at Citizens Bank Park -- mostly all of them cheering for the Phillies.

Now for the fun part -- attention to the details:

1. Whose public address announcer will be featured?
2. Will the Phillies be able to turn the Phanatic loose on the field?
3. How do the proceeds get divided?

The Phillies have 56 straight sellouts. The bet here is that these 3 games will sell out too.


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