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Saturday, June 06, 2009

The Smartest Guy in the Major Leagues

so says's Tim Kurkjian, is Pittsburgh's Ross Ohlendorf, who majored in a combination of math, science and economics and wrote his senior thesis on baseball's amateur draft.

It also helps that he can throw a 95 mph sinker and is one of the most competitive guys on the planet.

He's also well-liked in the clubhouse.

He's not jumping over buildings in a single bound.

At least not yet.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

No doubt Ross Ohlendorf is a sterling individual as this heartwarming account attests. His legacy as a fine athlete and great mind resonates with the Ivy tradition from Princeton's Bill Bradley as a Rhodes Scholar to the more recent Steve Danley of Penn basketball as a Marshall Scholar....and many other men and women of great athletic and academic abilities.

Yet there is a strikingly sad passage in this otherwise upbeat article where the Princeton baseball coach observes Ohlendorf's stand out character in simply pitching in to clean up garbage on the playing field--something the coach found his other charges felt was beneath them.

The entitled clueless quality of what appears to be the majority in this example is shocking. Say it ain't so...

1:29 AM  
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