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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Bob Dukiet Dies at 61

Click here for his obituary in the Newark Star Ledger.

Bob Dukiet played for Bob Cousy at Boston College, was an assistant coach for Pete Carril at Princeton, was probably the most successful head coach in St. Peter's history, didn't fare so well at Marquette, then enjoyed success at Division II Gannon (in Erie, Pennsylvania). After his coaching days were done, he became a lounge singer in Florida.

Coach Dukiet coached some of my friends on the Princeton JV basketball team, and they enjoyed his coaching and sense of humor very much. In those days, coaches had to teach phys ed classes as part of Princeton's phys ed requirement, so Coach Dukiet taught a tennis class I took (believe it or not, I recall Pete Carril either teaching a squash or tennis class that I took). He was a nice, funny guy, a good coach and a good recruiter.

Friends visited with him in Florida several years ago and kept in touch, and I blogged about his being a lounge singer. In all my years writing this blog, Bob Dukiet has been the only subject of a post to e-mail me, and he told me he enjoyed what I wrote very much. That said a lot about him -- he had the good, common touch.

As the article points out, he did many things that he loved, and it's just a shame that he died so young at 61.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Carrill joined a pick-up game I played in at Dillon my freshman year. I had to guard him...very fast and a sneaky one-handed set shot.

10:23 AM  
Blogger Roy said...

I remember having a squash gym class taught by the athletic director (Bob Myslick?). I suppose it stopped there. Doesn't the AD reports to the President?

10:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Alan Blinder played in several pick-up games with me at Dillon Gym. Every time I see him on CNN or CNBC, I think to myself, "I schooled that guy."

2:48 PM  
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