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Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Phillies Whom You Wouldn't Want to Marry Your Daughter

Must have been a slow news day for Philadelphia Daily News columnist Bill Conlin, who put together his team of troubled no-stars in today's paper. You can read the column by clicking here.

Interesting, Darren Daulton doesn't make the list at either catcher or first base. Neither does Lenny Dykstra, so you really should read the article to see who would make or would have made worse candidates for sons in law than Dutch and the Dude.

Conlin's team even includes someone who played on the "Whiz Kids," as well as a bunch of people with sociability issues (although not sociopathic issues). Well, then again. . .

Yes, members of the 1993 team appear on the list. That team was interesting in that it had some of the all-time jerks on the team as well as a great guy in Jim Eisenreich. Steve Carlton, who refused to talk to the media, succeeded in avoiding the list, as did Mike Schmidt, who, while a very cool customer, did nothing to warrant joining this particular list.

It's actually an insightful and, at times, amusing column. Conlin is nothing if not creative and precise with his words (sometimes to a fault), so happy reading.


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