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Friday, February 13, 2009

Hey, Bud: It Happened on Your Watch

Bud Selig has said that Alex Rodriguez has shamed baseball.

Bud Selig should know, because despite the $18 million or so he made this past season alone the steroids affair happened on his watch. And he and the owners for whom he fronts laughed all the way to the bank, what with cartoonish home run figures posted by many guys who were once stick figures (as were most baseball players about 25 years ago). They needed something to jump start the game after the horror that was the strike of 1994 that resulted in the cancellation of the World Series. Funny, that the players grew substantially larger and that home run numbers inflated and that there were whispers of illegal drug usage all didn't make Bud's radar screen. So shameful was this miss that the family crest of the MLB home office should contain an ostrich with its head buried deep into the sand.

Where's that shame -- the shame of the owners who missed it, the commissioner who missed it and even the writers, who were so caught up in being glorified fans that they missed it?

Odd, isn't it, that in an era of inflated home run statistics the entire baseball community whiffed.

Sorry, Bud, but the shame is widespread, just like the manure most of the cognoscenti have spread around in lieu of heartfelt apologies.


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