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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The SportsProf Family Appears in the Phillies 2008 Highlight Film!

Yes, call us the Leonard Zeligs of the Phillies' set.

My wife and I were watching Comcast SportsNet last night, and they featured the Phillies' 2008 highlight film, narrated by Brad Lidge. It's an entertaining DVD and one that I would recommend to Phillies' fans to commemorate the past season (I've bought the highlight films for the previous two seasons, and both were very good).

At any rate, the film moves to the post-season and, particularly, to Game 2 of the NLDS. That was the game where CC Sabathia was supposed to even the series, only to have two odd things happen to him. First, in two different at-bats, he threw about 20 pitches to Brett Myers, whose batting average made Mario Mendoza look like Ichiro. Second, Sabathia yielded a game-breaking grand slam to Shane Victorino.

So, we're watching Victorino's shot leave the park, and we see that the camera was focusing on fans celebrating in left field. My wife says, "Oh my, I just saw you." At the same time, I said, "Hey, there you are." It was, as on-camera features go, an evanescent moment. Andy Warhol talked about people getting their 15 minutes of fame. My family got about 2 seconds of fun from this particular camera shot.

And it's pretty cool, too.

The Phillies' terrific 2008 season remains the gift that keeps on giving. We went to Clearwater for spring training games, were at the game on September 26 when they clinched the NL East, saw Victorino's slam, and were at Game 3 of the World Series, the one that got started at 10 p.m. And now we're in the highlight film, forever.

That's a nice way to start the New Year.


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