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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Racial Bias in College Football Hiring?

So says Charlie Strong, the defensive coordinator at Florida, an African-American whose wife is white. Strong indicated that he'd been told that he wasn't considered for head coaching jobs for this reason. This ESPN article also reports that two SEC schools declined to take an interest in Turner Gill for the same reason.

Wow. It's 2009, we're about to inaugurate the country's first African-American president, born to an African father and a white mother. To say the least, it's sad that the country is ready for Barack Obama but certain schools aren't ready for Charlie Strong or Turner Gill.

Read the linked article and see what you think.


Blogger Doug said...

When Georgia Tech was interviewing for the job given to Paul Johnson, I heard Charlie Strong's name several times. However, there seems to be something other than his skin color that hurt his chances. I don't have any facts, but GT has a black basketball coach (for now) and his skin color has never seemed to be an issue.

9:26 AM  
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