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Friday, November 02, 2007

Speaking of Buying a Wii

Why is it that all retail establishments are sold out and are inarticulate on the subject of when they'll get them again? I went to a local Best Buy today to get one in anticipation of the holidays, and the sales people fumphered about telling me they didn't have them without any explanation, and a checkout kid told me that they don't know how many they'll get in, when they'll get in, but check on Tuesdays or Thursdays because sometimes they'll get 10 in at once. As if, though, I have time to camp out at my local Best Buy the way kids do at Duke for basketball tickets. As if not.

How does this market work? I can find Wii's on E-bay for about $100-$200 over the retail price (which is $249.99) and I can find them on Amazon through companies that you've never heard of for about $150.00 over the retail price. Is it that people are going into the big retailers, buying them there and then marking them up at their own companies? Is it something worse than that? Why is it so hard to get these products at one of your local retailers or on-line at Target, Best Buy, Circuit City or Wal-Mart?

What are your thoughts? What should I do?


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