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Friday, November 02, 2007

Brady or Manning?

In the fantasy football league, you get a salary cap and can re-pick your team each week, so long as you stay within the cap. This week, with New England playing at Indy, do you dare activate either Tom Brady or Peyton Manning, or do you step aside and go with Matt Hasselbeck against the Browns defense in Cleveland and Carson Palmer against the Bills?

It's an interesting question. We're challenging for the title, and it could be that the Pats and Colts end up in a shootout. It also could be that their defenses, which are both good, take over and the game ends up being a 14-10 affair.

And it's more likely that Seattle, coming off a bye week, and Cincinnati, with its air attack, could light up the skies this weekend.

What would you do?


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