Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Terry Francona's a Good Manager

So says Jim Salisbury of The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Too bad that they just discovered this fact. Few realized at the time that when Francona managed in Philadelphia he was managing a AAAA team that had two stars and a bunch of guys people have already forgotten.

Francona seems a bit stung from his experience in Philadelphia, and he's quoted as saying that certain media types painted him in a negative light. He's right, they did, and really for no good reason. They got on Francona for his pitching changes, but it wasn't as if he had a bullpen that was competent at putting out fires. They got on him because he touted the wares of jacks-of-all-trades like Kevin Sefcik, but what was he supposed to do, moan in public? No, he made the best of what he was dealt, and, quite frankly, it wasn't much.

Phillies' fans shouldn't have a short memory about the disastrous decisions the current ownership group made. Francona was a well-received choice at the time, but he really didn't have a chance to win.

When he was given the talent, he showed what he could do.

And remember this -- if your team doesn't have or is unwilling to spend for talent, it will not win.

Even if Joe Torre is the manager.

Or Terry Francona.

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