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Friday, October 12, 2007

Ed Snider Must Go

I posted this in January, and it's still true.

What has the guy done to merit the faith that Comcast puts in him to run the Flyers and the 76ers? If you're a Comcast shareholder, ask Brian Roberts and the management team why Snider still has a job? With all the talent that exists in the NBA and NHL, why can't and won't they find anyone else to run these teams?

Snider did a great job building the Flyers' franchise and brand, there's no arguing there. But that was a long time ago in the sports world, and hockey seemingly has passed him by. As for basketball, it never was his bag, and the current makeup of the 76ers shows it. I won't say a bad word about Coach Mo Cheeks, but GM Billy King shouldn't still have a job, and the next time he finds a good player from the other side of the ocean will be his first despite the fact that many successful teams have done just that. Philadelphia can be a passionate hoops town, but right now that passion is locked and loaded for the local college teams. The 76ers had the second worst attendance in the NBA last season. What's Comcast waiting for, when the 76ers are statistically significantly the worst in attendance?

Sorry, local sports fans, but a change is needed at the top. A new focus, a new direction, and, yes, new management. Otherwise, enjoy watching the craft of the visiting teams, because the hometown teams won't be victorious in hockey and hoops for a while.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


A good CEO is often known for those he hires to do the work under his guidance and strategic direction. The Flyers fumbled last year, and I agree with your staement about the new NHL having passed them by. I know you're a hoops guy, but you should look carefully at the players that Paul Holmgren has brought in since he took over as GM midway through last season. The team has much more speed, a reliable goaltender and defensemen who can skate with the puck, the three factors that were sorely missing. And the new guys seem to be good leaders (three former captains). They are really on the right track. (If they'd get rid of thugs like Downie and Boulerice, then they'd really have it right.)

The NBA is lousy sport unless, as you said, you live in Detroit, Phoenix ar San Antonio. It's Billy King who needs to go, but who really cares about the NBA anyhow? I only watch during the playoffs, and then only when Detroit is playing.


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