Sunday, September 23, 2007

Teddy Roosevelt Goes Oh for the Season

Today was the last home game for the Washington Nationals, and the fans were psyched for the last mid-game race of the presidents -- Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and Roosevelt. All were rooting for Teddy, who is oh for the races, which were begun last season.

The Nats' bullpen was psyched too, going so far as to emerge from their workspace to try -- to a man -- to physically restrain the Father of Our Country, the principal drafter of the Declaration of Independence and Honest Abe. The real problem was that Teddy didn't participate, so it was a three-person race. I forget who won, but the Nats' brass showed Teddy on the big screen, waving to the fans from the construction site that will be the new ballpark in 2008. Needless to say, the hometown crowd wasn't thrilled.

And while perhaps they have yet to fall in love with Ryan Zimmerman, Jon Rauch or Manny Acta, the Nats' faithful loves Teddy. So much so that after the race concluded and the other presidents were ushered off the field, the fans chanted "We want Teddy, we want Teddy."

Resoundingly so.

Great stuff in the world of mascots and attractions at a ballpark. The sausages in Milwaukee are cool, and so are the Presidents in D.C. And, there's a link between the two -- as someone once said, "Democracy and sausage are both similar -- you don't want to see either of them made."


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