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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Where Water is Thicker Than Blood

Okay, so this is the life they chose. . .

No, that doesn't mean that a la "The Sopranos" or "The Godfather", someone gets whacked. All that it means is that baseball is a business, too.

The Phillies traded a minor-league pitching prospect for the ChiSox starting second baseman, Tadahito Iguchi. They figured to do something after a wild rookie pitcher for the Nats broke Chase Utley's hand on Wednesday.

The prospect they traded? A Class A pitcher named Michael Dubee.

So what, you say?

He's the son of the Phillies' pitching coach, Rich Dubee.

Maybe this is an amusing story, maybe it isn't, but perhaps it would be more newsworthy if Dubee's last name were Gillick and the Phils' GM traded his own son to help the team. You know the line, "he'd throw at his own mother if it would help the team win."

In this case, he'd trade the son of his own pitching coach to help the team win.

It's just business, though, not personal.


Blogger Ralph said...

Clark Griffith, owner of the Washington Senators, traded his son-in-law, Joe Cronin, to the Boston Red Sox. Cronin was married to Griffith's adopted daughter, Mildred Robertson, who was actually his (Griffith's) niece.
Some years later, Griffith sold his nephew, catcher Sherry Robertson, to the Philadelphia Athletics.

10:15 AM  

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