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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Driving Miss Dana

The Philadelphia Daily News' Dana Pennett O'Neil has a great column about riding along with Villanova assistant men's basketball coach Brett Gunning as college coaches survey the top high school talent at showcases in Las Vegas.

She's right, it does sound like dating.

No, not her and the Villanova assistant. The coaches and the players.

See and be seen, make sure your guys know that you're there.

Sounds glamorous, doesn't it? Chasing around 17 year-olds, 18 year-olds, their AAU shepherds and their parents and guardians, trying to get them to sign with your school. Heckuva way to make a living.

Hopefully they'll go to class and be able to distinguish GAAP from The Gap, writing computer text versus texting, Brahms from The Palms and Fitzgerald (from Madden 08) from Fitzgerald (the guy who wrote a few great books). Too much to ask for?

Read the whole thing.


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