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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Where Sports Really Make a Difference

Read this and you'll understand.

There are many Tricia O'Connors out there, coaches who labor in relative anonymity who touch kids lives in a positive way every day.

Stories like these are refreshing to see, especially at the time of the over-hyped, over-monied, over-programmed (in terms of robotics) NCAA Men's Hoops Tournament, with coaches who get paid ridiculous salaries and a premier color commentator who could use a lesson or two in humility (and I'm glad that Bill Simmons, the Sports Guy, agrees with me).

Yes, I like March Madness as much as many of you, but as I get older I look for more and more stories like these. Sure, there's a lot of pressure on Karl Hobbs, the men's hoops coach at George Washington University, but the resources that he has at his disposal dwarf those given to Tricia O'Connor, the boys' swimming coach at George Washington High School.

Read this article and tell me who has the tougher job.

And, perhaps, the more rewarding.


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