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Friday, March 02, 2007

Echoes of the Beverly Hillbillies

Journeyman pitcher Matt White made a startling discovery on a piece of property he purchased from a relative with financial difficulties in Western Massachusetts. The property has rare, expensive stone on it that probably has a retail value of $2.4 billion dollars.

Now, the kinfolk didn't say that 'ol Matt ought move away from Western Mass., and they didn't say he ought to move to Beverly Hills, even though he's in the Dodgers' camp. The experts in this field say that the land is worth far less than the $2.4 billion retail value cited, because it costs big bucks to get the stone out of the quarry. Even so, Matt White is probably set for life because of this good deed.

Question is, how much of it would he trade for a successful Major League career? A World Series ring?

Some things are priceless.

And if you can't have them, a quarry worth $2.4 billion (which you couldn't possible pay for with a Visa or MasterCard) is a nice prize.


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