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Friday, July 14, 2006

"There Are More Horse's Asses Than Horses" Dept.

The quote was from my late Uncle Sam, who worked hard and founded a business that grew beyond his wildest dreams. He was raised in a prejudiced world, and he overcame a distinct bias against him to enter a sphere that was foreign to him and succeed.

Click here for the latest evidence in support of Uncle Sam's claim. Hint: It's about Terrell Owens.

The world's most famous Tennessee-Chattanooga alum says he was misquoted in his autobiography. Some Texas HS DT was buying the book at Wal-Mart because he says he'll reading anything about football leadership. Give the currently misguided kid a little credit -- the last book he read was about Roger Staubach. It's probably the case that a HS football player in Texas will read anything about football. But if this kid thinks that what T.O. says exemplifies leadership, then the team doctors should give him an MRI to make sure he hasn't had one too many concussions.

When the sunlight shines on the wisdom of T.O., he removes all doubt as to what a goofball he is.

Because how can you be misquoted in your own autobiography?

Unless, of course, you never read the proofs in the first place.

People who grew up in my Uncle Sam's generation also used the phrase "empty barrels make the most noise." So that thunderclap you'll hear this fall at Lincoln Financial Field is when T.O. run a crossing pattern and gets his bell -- or barrel, take your pick -- rung by Brian Dawkins and company.

Talk about noise.

Because as loud as The Linc is, a shot like that will resonate throughout the nation.

And then what will T.O. say?


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