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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

SportsProf's Second Anniversary

Today is my second anniversary of writing this blog, and the number of people reading it is up about 6-fold from the average number of readers in the first year. So thanks to all of you who check in regularly, and please e-mail me with suggestions as to how to improve it (sorry, Penn fans, but I can't switch my allegiances!) and as to topics to write about.

The following is a sampling of my highlights from the second year, so please surf through them and pick out one you like:

For All You Moonlight Graham Fans Out There (June 2005);

Melting Mojo (July 2005);

They Coulda Been A Contender (August 2005);

Talking on Radio Bad for Eagles' Players' Future (September 2005);

The Wonderlic Test and the NFL (October 2005);

What to Do with a T.O. Jersey (November 2005);

Redshirting Your Own Kids (December 2005);

The Family Business (January 2006);

An L.L. Bean Story (February 2006);

Breaking Down Baseball America's Top 900 Prospects (March 2006);

A Little Boy's First Pro Basketball Game (April 2006); and

If (May 2006).

Thank you for all of your support during the past two years! I really appreciate it.


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