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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Baseball Passions in the Second City

The "second" team in the Second City showed stormed into first place last year when it won its first World Series in 89 years.

Yesterday, it seemingly established the upper hand in its intracity rivalry, even if it didn't have the upper fist. Click here to read about a bench-clearing brawl that started when both teams' catchers collided.

Michael Barrett's punch might have landed on the A.J. Pierzynski's kisser, but "Cubs Win, Cubs Win" didn't resonate throughout Chicago yesterday. Barrett expressed remorse after the game, Dusty Baker said that Pierzynski didn't do anything wrong, but Cubs' starting pitcher Rich Hill thought that Pierzynski's running into Barrett when the Cubs' backstop didn't have the ball was bush league. The Cubs are listing so badly that there wasn't a consensus within the team about the play itself. Several players were tossed, and fines and suspensions will ensue.

After all the histrionics ended 15 minutes after they started, Tadahito Iguchi hit a grand slam that led to 7-0 Sox' win.


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