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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Update on Penn Hoops

Here's the latest on the Penn coaching job:

1. Lafayette coach Fran O'Hanlon took his name out of the running. The Philadelphia Daily News' Mike Kern wrote that O'Hanlon would have been the frontrunner had he stayed in the mix.

2. Cornell coach Steve Donahue had an on-campus interview, as did Lehigh's Billy Taylor, so reports The Daily Pennsylvanian. Then again, the DP also reports that Lehigh issued a statement that Penn hadn't asked Taylor to interview for the job. The DP article also reports the conventional wisdom that Brown coach Glen Miller no longer is in the running, but sometimes reports like that are a smokescreen to cover what's really happening. I wouldn't bet that Miller is out, at least not yet.

3. Former St. John's coach Mike Jarvis would be interested, but hasn't been contacted. The Daily Pennsylvanian spoke with Jarvis, who indicated that he rarely speaks with Penn A.D. Steve Bilsky, for whom he worked when Bilsky was the A.D. and Jarvis the head coach at George Washington.

4. There's an excellent article, in, yes, The Daily Pennsylvanian, about former Penn star and all-around good guy Ugonna Onyekwe, the Nigerian native who went to HS in London and who, after a stint in Spain, is now playing pro ball in Israel. He's faring very well there, and the article is a good read.

The linked Philadelphia Daily News article states that Penn could name a new head coach as early as the middle of next week.


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