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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Sad Ending

I blogged a while back on the story of an Alabama booster who was convicted in Federal court of paying a high school coach to steer a player to the Crimson Tide. You can click here and read that post. It's a sordid affair that you thought only could have emerged from an old gangster-type of film. I, for one, had difficulty believing that this type of thing could have happened, and then it left me wondering whether it happens elsewhere. In the overall scheme of life, the linked story explores the sad things that happen when people start taking a pastime and bragging rights way too seriously.

But now there's this. Logan Young was found in his home, murdered.

What does this mean? Well, on the one hand, during the preparation for the case, one of the lawyers working on it was mugged badly and files were taken from him. On the other hand, Young's son was taken into custody and questioned. The point of this paragraph is that it's way too early to read anything into this story other than Mr. Young was brutally murdered and the authorities are investigating.

Too often we read stories and then do not see any follow up on the participants. In this case, we didn't see what became of Mr. Young or the Alabama assistants who were suing Tennessee coach Philip Fulmer. We know that Coach Fulmer had his difficulties last year on the field and brought in a new offensive coordinator to help turn around his Volunteers.

And now, tragically, we know what became of Logan Young.


Blogger BCSportsFanatic said...

Authorities now say it was an accident. They say Young fell down the stairs and hit his head.

Sad ending nevertheless...

12:35 PM  

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