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Monday, October 31, 2005

Interesting Green Bay Packer Stat

The Pack is 1-6. They've outscored their opponents 158-139. Click here and do the math yourself. (Thanks to Mike Greenberg of ESPN Radio's Mike & Mike in the Morning Show for pointing this out).

Okay, if you toss out the Pack's 52-3 drubbing of the Saints, you'll have a 0-6 record where they've been outscored by 136-106. That said, if you look at their record, they've lost 4 of those games by a total of 9 points. I suppose that these numbers go to show you some of the foundation within the parity that the NFL celebrates is made not of concrete, but of rubber. Not only are there are a bunch of teams in the hunt for the playoffs every year, but that some of those teams are in the playoff chase rests not on a foundation of solid, clear wins over the opposition, but close calls. The ability to win those close ones, though, only helps prove that the teams that make the playoffs belong there. How long they'll last in the playoffs, though, is another story. I surmise that the teams that make it that have won many close games during the regular season could finally come to a game where they just can't cut it as close as they did during the regular season.

And go out in the first round.

That the Pack cannot win the close games is evidence that the Pack is not a very good football team this year. They can't close out their opponents, New Orleans aside, and, if they continue the pattern of losing the close ones, their opponents' total score ultimately will be greater than their own.

Even if it takes a few more weeks to get there.


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