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Monday, May 31, 2004

Yale Hoopster Killed in Car Crash

Yale center Josh Hill, who missed most of last season because of an injury, was killed in a one-car accident late last week near the New Jersey shore. The Delaware native planned on returning to the Yale basketball team this fall. He was a rugged player who gave the Elis a tough inside presence. Last year the Elis' performance slipped a bit, as most observers believe that Yale underachieved. Hill's physical play helped Yale fare well against Penn and Princeton two seasons ago, when there was a three-way tie for the Ivy title and Yale lost to Penn in a playoff that determined who would represent the Ivies in the NCAA Tournament. Even though Hill was not a scorer, I for one believed that last season the Elis missed the spark that he gave the team two years ago when it fared so well. Josh Hill was 22, and he is survived by his parents and two brothers. SportsProf sends his heartfelt condolences to the Yale basketball family. He will be missed.


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