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Monday, May 31, 2004

The Greek God of Walks is in the Majors

You might have missed this tidbit twice, first, if you didn't read "Moneyball" and second if you're not a Boston Red Sox fan. (By the way, while SportsProf enjoyed "Moneyball", he doesn't view it as a transcending baseball book the way he does Lawrence Ritter's "The Glory of Their Times"). Youkilis was cited as perhaps the prime minor-league prospect fitting the "Moneyball" criteria of having a great on-base percentage, or "OBP" as the cognoscenti call it. Anyway, he's been up with the BoSox for several weeks now, playing third, batting second, and the last I checked he was hitting about .280 with a .420 OBP, which, in anyone's book, is and outstanding OBP. Last night, he batted second, went 3-4 and scored 3 runs. Kevin Youkilis -- remember the name.


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