Monday, October 08, 2018

Could a better financial model help all elite European football leagues?

Too few teams can contend for the title.  Too many teams are "average" or a step ahead of relegation.  While it might be fun to be a fan of Bayern Munich, Juventus or Barcelona, how much fun is it to see them beat up on weak opponents for most of their seasons?  And how can those weak opponents sustain interest in their franchises over the long term if they realistically have zero chance of winning? 

I believe that while studies have shown that higher payrolls do not guarantee championships, they also reveal that if a team is not in the top 5-10 in spending it will have a hard time qualifying for Champions League play.  As Val Fitch, Nobel laureate in physics once put it -- "Excellence cannot be bought, but it must be paid for."

Suggestion to the European Leagues -- take Financial Fair Play a step further.  Examine the salary caps in the National Hockey League, National Football League and National Basketball Association, along with their collective bargaining agreements, and also the luxury tax system in Major League Baseball.  And come up with something that will give the Hudderfields, Real Betises, Sampdorias and Hoffenheims a real chance of winning your league.

That would make for more interesting weekends, better football, and a better experience for everyone.

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