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Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Random Question

Do you remember where you were when Steve Pearce hit two walk-off grand slams in the same week?

Bonus questions:

What team does Steve Pearce play for?

What position does he play?

And, if you consider yourself to be a good baseball fan and don't know about what Pearce accomplished or who he is, console yourself because you are not alone.  Many who had savant-like knowledge decades ago have succumbed to a few basic principles -- 1) so much is written down and available by the few clicks of a smart phone, why memorize it and 2) so much information is going through your head -- precisely because that information is available -- that you don't begin to know facts that you would have thought were foundational decades ago.  Ergo. . . why you might be drawing a blank on Steve Pearce. 

But congratulations should go to Pearce nonetheless -- what he did was quite an accomplishment.

For whatever team he plays for and at whatever position he plays.


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nice writing! But as for me question is not useful. Maybe try more?

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