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Monday, June 05, 2017

New Reality Show: Tag-Team NFL Coaches in Bar Fights

Think about it.  Former NFL players are looking for something to do.  Some drop all their extra weight, and, yes, even for most of the players it is extra weight.  You need look no further than the U.S. government's guide on body mass index to discern that even the 6', 195 pound free safety might be carrying too much baggage on him.  The players retire, and their metabolism changes, both because of lesser physical activity for most of them and, also, because they are aging. 

They also are looking for something to do if they don't have jobs. 

Enter Rex and Rob Ryan, sons of the late Buddy, who was known to put out bounties on opposing players and who appreciated a good donnybrook or two.  And check out this article and accompanying video.  They clearly have too much free time on their hands.

I figure that if "Dancing with the Stars" can survive for 25 years, so could "Celebrity Bar Fighting."  We could have different categories and even cross-market with other reality shows.  I mean, who could resist watching MTV's "Jersey Shore" mix with "Housewives of Orange County."  You'd have to bet on Snooki and J-Wow, but it would be good theatre just the same. 

We could paint the Ryan brothers as the good ol' boys and perhaps pair them up against Eric Mangini and another former assistant who is on the wrong side of Bill Belichick's wrath.  The possibilities are endless.  I don't know if Gene Okerlund is around any more or in a position to announce the contests, but there are some very good potential match-ups out there.  There also could be a celebrity panel of judges, amusing former gridders who could wax eloquent on technique.  This would not be MMA for former coaches and players; that is too formal.  This would be good, old-fashioned bar fighting. 

Before you dismiss this as far-fetched, there are all sorts of reality shows that either defy description or belief, including one about modern-day moonshiners.  If people who make all sorts of rotgut and apple jack have a platform, so should brawling ex-coaches. 

Thank you, Rex and Rob, for mixing it up publicly.  This could be your pathway to future riches.


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