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Friday, September 16, 2016

On Carson Wentz

I had planned a longer post, but figured I'd write just a few basic points on the topic:

  • Wonderful first game.
  • It was an NFL game.
  • It was against the Browns, one of the worst teams in the NFL.
  • He played in a pro system at North Dakota State and it shows why.
  • Funny how more low star recruits do better in college and have pro potential than higher star recruits.
  • He made some nice throws for touchdowns.
  • It was his first game, a very good start.
  • He is a rookie.
  • There will be film on him going forward.
  • He will get to watch film and study defenses too.
  • He will make mistakes.  There will be times where he gets sacked when he should have gotten rid of the ball or when he throws an interception when he should have thrown it into the ground or out of bounds.
  • His line is okay for now but will not be as good if Lane Johnson gets suspended.
  • The Eagles will need to sustain a running game to help enable the passing game and vice versa.
  • He is a rookie.
  • He will make mistakes.
  • Patience should be the operative word for all in the Philadelphia region.


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