Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Who Would You Start Your NBA Team With?

This is a multiple-choice test.

a) Steph Curry
b) LeBron James
c) Kawhi Leonard
d) Kevin Durant
e) Russell Westbrook
f) James Harden
g) Anthony Davis
h) Other?

Curry is the two-time reigning MVP.  LBJ plays a unique position the way Magic did and is in the conversation for being among the five or ten best of all time.  Leonard is the silent assassin.  Doesn't show the effusive enthusiasm of Curry or the physical dominance of LeBron, but his basketball IQ is off the charts and he makes everyone better.  Durant is a deadeye shooter, among other things.  Westbrook has Allen Iverson's drive and Tiny Archibald's ability both to thread the pass and hit the jumper -- only better.  Harden might not be the optimal defender, but he does so many things well, even if Houston had a problem this year.  Davis is a great big man in a league devoid of good post players and post defenders.  Sound simple?

Argue away!

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