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Monday, March 07, 2016

NYT Article on SMU and Larry Brown

Yesterday's article on the trials and problems of one-time "uber" recruit Keith Frazier underscore what is wrong with amateur basketball in general and college basketball in particular.  And it begs the question "why is Larry Brown still permitted to coach at the college level?"  Sanctions followed him at UCLA and then at Kansas, and now he is portraying himself as a victim.  Brown is one of many from the Dean Smith coaching tree, and he should ask himself what Coach Smith would have done in any of these circumstances.  Answers such as "the NCAA is overreacting" or "everyone else does something similar" just should not cut it.  I do think Brown is a good coach, but whether he can play by the rules and also educate his kids is something that has been in question for a long time.  Sad state of affairs about which no one should be proud, but Brown should look no further than himself for responsibility for the situation.


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