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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Could This be Andy Reid's Year?

Just asking.

Here are a few arguments in his favor:

1.  The Broncos offense is iffy.

2.  The Patriots faded at the end.

3.  The Steelers did not dazzle anyone last night.

4.  As for the NFC, the Panthers drew the short end when Minnesota missed a short field goal and couldn't finish off tough guys Seattle at home.  Now they have the Seahawks, who seemingly are more dangerous the deeper they go into the playoffs.

5.  Neither the Packers nor the Redskins scare a lot of people.  The latter won the worst division in the NFL.

6.  Then there are the Cardinals, who do scare people and might be the most complete team in the league.  But no matter how you analyze it, the Chiefs wouldn't get the Cards until he Super Bowl were they to get there.

7.  As parity becomes mediocrity and the teams even out, injuries make things worse and the salary cap suggests that no teams have great veteran leadership, a master game planner like Reid will have better chances (okay, he's no kid, but he still has some tread on the tires).  No, he is not the best personnel guy, and no, he is not a good clock manager, but he is a good game planner.  He was yards and yards ahead of Bill O'Brien last night  Sure, Houston is not New England, but the Chiefs are hot.  Give Reid some credit.

8.  The hilarious aspect of all of this is that Eagles' owner punted Reid because Reid got stale in his role as Eagles' coach.  That might be true, but it's not as though Lurie has his team in good shape right now or as though Lurie picked a better coach when he pursued Chip Kelly.  So it would be kind of funny if Reid were to win a Super Bowl before the Eagles do.

Okay, not funny if you are an Eagles' fan.  But probably hilarious to the Reid family.  Many good coaches -- among them Bud Grant and Marv Levy -- never won a Super Bowl.  Reid might not be in their class, but he has had a good run.  The next several weeks will tell us a lot.


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