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Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Super Bowl

It's hard to figure out who is less likable -- Bill Belichick, who has a big cultural issue, to put it mildly, or Pete Carroll, who on his face seems very likable, but then you wonder about what he knew during the Reggie Bush years at USC.  One is grumpy, the other seems like he could do a duet with Pharell Williams for the version of "Happy 2."  If you are not from the Boston or Seattle areas, you probably have trouble figuring out for whom to root.

I think that most of the unaffiliated will choose Seattle.  "Deflate-gate" atop "Spygate" atop which might have happened during the 2004 Super Bowl against the Eagles atop whatever else tends to tip the scales in favor of the Seahawks.  I am not a huge fan, though, of intermittent displays of a lack of humility there, as Marshawn Lynch has personality problems and Richard Sherman is, well, brilliant and great if at time overconfident and irritating.  Then again, I'd love to have him in my secondary.  Plus, the secondary there is great and Russell Wilson is a great guy.  Or so he seems.

So, the event will take place, and either the Patriots will regain the title after a ten-year drought or Seattle will be the first team to win consecutive Super Bowls since, well, I don't really remember.  Hopefully, the pivotal moment in the game will be Tom Brady's trying to stop Richard Sherman from pulling a pick six, and then having someone from New England -- most likely Belichick -- stick out a leg from the sidelines to trip him, only to have the play reviewed and, despite clarity for those watching at home, viewed as inconclusive.  That would make the night interesting and compelling.  Katy Perry, not so much.

This is the first time in a while that I've felt this way about a Super Bowl.  Last year, the unaffiliated wanted the Last Hurrah for Peyton Manning, or, at least, all of the non-haters did.  This year, is it the triumph of the bizarre (Lynch) over evil (Belichick)?  Or something like that?

At any rate, enjoy the wings, enjoy the artisanal beers and grab some Skittles so that you can gulp them if Lynch were to score.


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